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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bugs In NetBeans 7.0 GlassFish 3.1 Integration

I’m running the EE version of NetBeans 7 on Windows Vista (32 bit) and frequently I get the following notification error when deploying to GlassFish 3.1:

2011-05-07 08h04_54

Seems there is some conflict with the native file system but not having researched the error I could be totally wrong. The worst thing about this is that it causes deployments to GlassFish 3.1 to fail and I often have to restart the server to continue testing. Sort of puts a crimp in the edit & refresh cycle that I’ve come to expect.

I’ve also experienced another bug which occurs upon opening NetBeans 7 with a project using GlassFish 3.1. NetBeans will prompt me, alerting me that the application’s server configuration is wrong. When I then go to Tools | Servers GlassFish 3.1 isn’t listed and I have to add it again to the list of registered servers, though because it is already installed on my development machine I don’t have to reinstall it. This seems to temporarily correct the problem until the next time I open NetBeans 7 with a GlassFish 3.1 project.

Hopefully, these bugs will be quickly addressed in a point release.


  1. Hi Jeff, we apologize that this bug slipped through. We are aware of it and are trying to figure out what's wrong, see:

  2. @Petr no apologies necessary. Glad you are on top of it. NetBeans is a fantastic IDE. Thank you for your continued support and dedication.


  3. There are several more issues with NB7 and GF31 (on Win7/32, 3.5GB, DualCore).

    It's my first experience with both progs, only used J2SE and Eclipse before - which also has it's flaws but was much more usable compared to what I experienced with NB in the last months.

    So I don't know if it's normal, but a project with only some dozen classes takes about 10 to 15 seconds to deploy to an already running local glassfish. I would expect it to be faster.

    Very often I get an " error while creating temp folder for data transfer" (translated from german) at the end of deployment. I can ignore it without any issues but it's still an error.

    After many redeploys, an out of memory for the PermGen appears. When that happens, GF can only be terminated by shutting it down via the OS.

    Sometimes some project files are gone or don't work:
    - this part from build-impl.xml may crash and work only after several redeploys:
    [target if="netbeans.home" name="-run-deploy-nb"]
    [nbdeploy clientUrlPart="${client.urlPart}" debugmode="false" forceRedeploy="${forceRedeploy}"/]
    - granted.policy may be gone

    The error messages when programming with JSF sometimes are just like "somewhere there's a nullpointer". I don't know if it's really impossible to locate them but that doesn't speed up development.

    Some NB only issues:
    I'm using JSF2 and one cool thing about NB is the code completion for the xhtml part. Unfortunately this doesn't work when using 'ui:include'. No Java stuff is found/shown anymore in those xhtml files.

    The SVN client in NB is a joke:
    - Moving classes/packages can destroy a project.
    - As soon as there are local modifications in a file, the client doesn't show remote changes for this file.
    - Merging is a nightmare. Very often the client just marks the whole file as different, so no merging possible.
    I strongly recommend looking at subclipse which is centuries ahead in everything.

    The general speed of the IDE is noticeable slower than Eclipse. For instance when there is a compile error and I correct it, it can take seconds until the IDE notices the correction. Not every time, though. (My PC isn't the fastest, but I can compare Eclipse vs. NB ;) )

    I wonder why there's still no 'systr(ace)' like in Eclipse. That's a matter of seconds to implement but ignored since 2008 and longer. ( That would speed up debugging a lot, when output is preferred over step by step debugging.


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