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Sunday, November 28, 2010

I-Emote on Google AppEngine

I-Emote is a social Web application I am writing that allows users to create posts that can be associated with Web based content such as other Web sites and YouTube videos. Members can add their own comments and indicate they 'like' a post or comment.

Each member has their own profile page on which other members may view their latest posts as well as any personal information the member wishes to share. Profile pages also provide the means to subscribe to members' posts as well as unsubscribing.

When I set out to write I-Emote I did so as an academic study of what it takes to create a social Web site as well as target Google's cloud infrastructure - App Engine - and as such it is a work in progress; there are numerous features that it still lacks and that I am eager to implement such as email and SMS notifications, general message broadcasting and more member-centric features such as picture albums. I will eventually fill in the gaps as time permits. I intend to use what I have learned about writing a social Web site in other projects that I am and will be working on to provide them with some light weight social Web features such as commenting, fan-out and profile pages.

Below are a few screen shots that I hope you find interesting:

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